5 comedy movies to binge watch during lazy self care days.

Girl with one hand in a popcorn bowl and with another one, holding tv remote

Hello, dear readers! I have had four days off from school in a row and just today I realized that it’s actually Wednesday not Monday and it’s time to publish a blog post… which I haven’t written yet. But don’t worry – I won’t leave you empty-handed. 2018 is the year when I have gotten consistent with blogging, so I’m not going to break the habit now. On a random note – vegetarianism and consistent blogging are actually two habits that I have adapted this year incredibly successfully without a single slip. Congrats to me! Back to topic – as this is one of those lazy days for me today, I decided to share 5 movies that I could watch all over and over again, if I had some spare time. (These won’t be put into any particular order because I can’t pick just one favorite movie.) Let’s dive in!

1. Easy a (2008) .

Emma Stone, holding a piece of paper and biting her lipThis was definitely one of my favorites for the longest time, I remember watching this movie in my early teens and absolutely loving it. I couldn’t stop fangirling about Emma Stone and the movie plot never got boring to me.

2. Obvious child (2014) .

Woman with black hair and brown eyes, looking up

Comedy/drama which I truly enjoyed because it stood out between a lot other movies in this genre. It’s silly, sweet and relatable at the same time. Sometimes you meet love at the weirdest time of your life and that’s alright. If you are not into cliché romance movies but something more out of the box, this one’s for you.

3. The other woman (2014) .  

Three blonde, young women in dresses

Here’s something for all the ladies out there, who just got dumped, cheated on, lied to etc. I know that it sucks to be in a situation like this but there is not a day that movie with Cameron Diaz in it can’t make better. I’m serious!

4. The matchbreaker (2016) .  

Guy and a girl with brown hair and brown eyes

If cute and even a little cheesy romantic comedies are your thing, you will love “The matchbreaker”. I already love the idea of the movie but the fact that Christina Grimmie is starring in this one, makes it at least 5 times better. R.I.P. to this beautiful soul, she will never be forgotten.

5. Bad teacher (2011) .  

Blonde woman with sunglasses, with her legs put on the table                   

From all the movies on this list, I could really relate to this one the most. Not because I would be the kind of girl, who is falling for nerds or saving up to get breast implants but simply because… I was a teacher. Maybe not for a really long time period of time but six months was enough to get a taste of that. If I would keep working that type of job any longer, I would probably become just like Elizabeth (starring Cameron Diaz). And that’s another great movie with Cameron Diaz – her latest movies never fail to make me laugh, so I hope that you will like them just as much as I do.

So that is it for today’s movie list. At first I wanted to throw in some dramas and thrillers, too but then realized that for some people they might be too nerve-wrecking to call that an appropriate part of self-care. Because of that I will probably create a separate post, listing top 5 of my favorite dramas and/or thrillers. So, look forward to that! Until next time on Dolls Have Hearts when I’ll publish longer and more in-depth post! Have a nice week!

Disclaimer: all the pictures used in this post have been taken from the internet, I don’t own rights to them.

Love, Porcelain Doll.

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