My bucket list for the summer of 2018

River and woods

Hello, dear readers! If you are in your late teens or older, you have probably heard about such thing as bucket list. Usually it’s made to list all the things that we want to do before we die. I, however, felt like it’s too generic and I get a little confused, which of the things should I get done now and which can wait, for example, ten more years. That is why I decided to make a smaller and more realistic bucket list for this summer. In this one I am not going to mention that I would like to, let’s say, visit Big Apple because it’s not my priority at the moment and it’s way too expensive. So, without any further intro, let’s see what I hope to accomplish this summer.

  1. Get a summer job. (For some weird reason I have never had a summer job, only a temporary one during my studies.)
  2. Get another tattoo. (During past year a lot has changed and I feel like it’s time to get another beautiful “mark” on my body that will have a different story behind it.)
  3. Talk to a stranger during a bus ride. (Accomplished on May 31st. Okay, I didn’t actually talk to the guy but I passed him a note and we had an old school type of conversation that way.)
  4. Give gifts to the most meaningful teachers in my current school. (Accomplished in 5th and 6th of June.)
  5. Look absolutely stunning in my graduation – with perfect dress, hair and everything.
  6. Visit “Robert’s books”. (If you know me well then you also know I’m obsessed with nice bookstores and cafes. In this case, it’s a bookstore and cafe all in one.)
  7. Take myself on a solo date to the cinema. (I have never went to a movie by myself and have been to the cinema only once in my life. Time to switch things up.)
  8. Try to imitate one of my childhood idol’s looks back in the day when I was obsessed with her.
  9. Try out lava cakes. (Nope, I haven’t had one in my life. | Done on 18th of June.)
  10. Go to a concert by myself. (It doesn’t matter, if it’s huge concert or not, this summer is about enjoying being single.)
  11. Make cocoa jelly. (It might seem a little cheesy but this little thing really brings me back to the childhood.)
  12. Try out pole dancing. (This has been on my bucket list for way too long but I’m still very curious about it.)
  13. Rewrite my CV. (It’s time. Really. I’m no longer unexperienced girl in her late teens.| Completed on June 11th.)
  14. Share incredibly personal thing on my blog. (Just wait for it, I’ll publish the post when I’m ready. 🙂 )
  15. Get a tuition loan for studies in UK.
  16. Get accepted in Bangor university.
  17. Pack for moving to Wales. (These three things are kind of tied together and I’m keeping my fingers crossed, just so everything would work out. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time.)
  18. Spend time with my closest friends as much as possible before moving away.
  19. Treat myself with a nice massage. (I really don’t remember the last time I had one.)
  20. Go to the zoo. (That’s the place I visited quite a few times as a kid with my grandfather, Oh, memories…)
  21. Dye my hair in an unusual colour. 
  22. Get rid of a smartphone and get usual mobile phone instead.
  23. Finish my current art journal. (For past few months I kind of stopped art journaling but now that I have returned to it, I remembered, how much I actually enjoy it.)
  24. Enjoy a rainy day like I used to when I was a kid. (Even if that means jumping into puddles while wearing just a swimsuit.)
  25. Cut out all the the toxic and meaningless people from my life. (What’s the point of keeping numbers in my phone that I haven’t used for ages, keeping it touch with people, who make me feel less than or still being Facebook friends with people I haven’t talked to for last 4 years?)
  26. Clean my closet from clothes and shoes that don’t fit or don’t make me happy anymore. (Even after several attempts to clean out my closet, there are still several things left that don’t fit me and don’t make me happy anymore. When I move away from home, I won’t be able to take a lot of clothes with me, so choosing process will be easier when I only have the ones that look good on me.)

That is it for my summer bucket list at the moment. Maybe I will add some bullet points later but right now it seems pretty lengthy already because some of these things can take several days or weeks. However, I thought that creating a bucket list for a specific time period could really help me to make the best out of it and realize that I don’t need to wait for a perfect time to start doing things that I have always wanted to do.

Do you have a bucket list for this summer? If so, what’s on it? Share in the comments bellow. Until next time on Dolls Have Hearts!

Love, Porcelain Doll.

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