5 brilliant cleaning hacks for lazy students.

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Hello, dear readers! Even though I have had several blog post ideas in my mind for days, I never sat down to turn them into a post until it was late Tuesday evening. I would love to say that I am a productive person, who knows her priorities very well and can do everything in time, it is just not true. However, my laziness actually inspired me to write this blog post because I know that I am not the only person, who sometimes forgets to make sure her living space is organized and neat. Without any further introduction, here are 5 brilliant cleaning hacks that will make cleaning seem easier and less scary, if you are a lazy student (or just a lazy person in general).

  1. Start with loading your washing machine with clothes because this task takes the longest. You might as well do other cleaning related tasks while your clothes are getting washed and then unload your washing machine and put them to dry.
  2. If the mess in your room is too overwhelming, grab a garbage bag and start by putting empty bottles, old receipts and other trash in it. That way you will be able to put everything in its’ place way faster because useless stuff will be out of the way already.
  3. If some of your tableware has dry food remains on it that do not come off easily, let is sit in the water for a while and do something else meanwhile. When you come back, you will be able to wash your dishes way faster than if you would try to scrub everything off without properly soaking it.
  4. Remove tea and coffee stains on your cups with vinegar. No more scrubbing!
  5. If you use blender to make yourself smoothies, rinse it immediately. That way you will not have to scrub it later and you can get away with not using dish soap.
  6. Clean burnt pan with the mixture of water, vinegar and baking soda. This is a life saver, if you tend to mess up stuff while cooking, just like me.
  7. Clean blood stains with hydrogen peroxide. This works best, if applied immediately and can save your clothing, if you can not wash it immediately.
  8. Divide the space you are trying to clean into several areas. Cleaning takes way more time, if you are all over the place, running from one corner to another, starting several things but never finishing any of them. Better approach would be to divide your space into sections. For example, your bedroom has sections like table, bed, wardrobe, bedside table and floor. You can start by making your bed, cleaning bedside table, then bigger table, wardrobe and finally the floor because now everything is in its place and you do not have to stop after every ten seconds to pick up something that is laying on the floor.

Those are all of the cleaning hacks I could come up with today. Hopefully you will find these useful. By the way – some news that I have not revealed to you before – I am starting my studies in Bangor university this year. How crazy is that? I never thought I would get accepted but here I am. Right now the end of August and the beginning of September will be spent packing and I can not wait to update you on how everything is going. Until next time on Dolls Have Hearts!

Love, Porcelain Doll.

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