First two weeks in Bangor university – exciting life update.

view to bangor university from car parking lot

Hello, dear readers! Since I started talking my blog seriously at the beginning of 2018, I decreased the amount of personal blogs posts about my life quite a lot. Main reason for that was my excessive need to whine and talk about myself way too much in my just a little over a year ago. However, today I felt the need to share a little more about the university I have chosen for my studies because this is the decision I feel really happy about and it also might be appealing to most of my audience. Who knows – maybe I will even see you here next year just because you read this post?

First thing that I noticed when I arrived to Bangor uni – there is a sense of community. There is always someone, who wants and is able to help you. It does not matter, if you can not find the right building, feel overwhelmed by your lectures or have mental health problems – you can reach out for help and actually receive it. In my previous school almost no one really cared about helping those students, who were struggling. Oh, you can not pass the test in Math class and can not make it to the office hours of Math teacher? No one cares, it is your problem. Sense of community and great support system is one of the things everyone should look for in their university and Bangor university definitely offers that.

bangor university main arts building

Lots of social activities for different types of students. It does not matter, if you enjoy partying several times a week, chill movie nights, pole fit, football or singing. Bangor university offers a wide range of societies, sports clubs and different events for every taste. Unlike in my previous school, I have noticed that I do not have to feel left out just because I am introverted, have different hobbies or do not feel like drinking several times a week. Since I came to Bangor university, I picked up few interesting activities that I would like to continue in the future, too. So far it is Dog walking society and Pole fit that have captured my heart completely but I am looking forward to see what else I might be interested in.

Stunning location is another huge pro you will not experience while studying in big cities like London, New York, Tokyo etc. Bangor is a small city (although some even prefer to call it a town) that had a population of over 18 000 people in 2011 and most of them (more than 10 000 ) were Bangor university students. Only few days after arrival most of us were introduced to Bitch hill which lead up from Pontio to Main arts building and Cardiac arrest hill which leads up to St Mary’s village. I, personally, do not find those hills terrifying as long as it’s still autumn not winter and I do not have to carry heavy grocery bags up the hill.


Although I have been in Bangor only for two weeks now, I have found my favorite spot in this small city already. If you ever come to visit or plan to study here and want to get your daily cup of coffee, Yugen coffee-house is the best place to go. Unlike Starbucks or Costa that offer watery, tasteless coffee, Yugen coffee house has speciality coffee that every true coffee lover will appreciate. To those, who are not true coffee lovers yet, let me tell you a secret. If you want to make sure a certain coffee shop has great coffee, order black americano instead of cappuccino or latte. If coffee tastes rich, without the hint of burned coffee beans, you have found the right place.

With that said, I will end this post here. I know that I already am publishing this post one day too late and Thursdays are my busiest days, so starting from next week, I will publish a blog post every Friday. Studying Creative & professional writing while running a blog is basically like giving yourself one extra assignment. It feels good to practice as much as possible but at he same time – writing is exhausting. Believe me – it’s not about being walking around in your PJs all day, dumping all the mess you have on your mind on paper and then carelessly submitting it. Until next time on Dolls Have Hearts!

Love, Porcelain Doll.

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