“Lovesick” – one of the best TV series to binge watch on Netflix.

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Hello, dear readers! It has been a very busy week and busy semester in general, however, somehow I managed to fit in some Netflix binge watching sessions in between my coursework and that is how I discovered “Lovesick”. I am pretty sure I haven’t watched any British TV series since I discovered “Skins” but, I guess, it is inevitable to live UK and stumble upon their own creations on Netflix.

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The main character of “Lovesick” is Dylan Witter (starring Johnny Flynn) who at the beginning of TV series diagnosed with chlamydia. Yes, you guessed it, the ironic title has everything to do with that. After this diagnosis he attempts to contact all of his previous sexual partners and for about two seasons of “Lovesick” each episode brings us more or less in the past, telling us how Dylan met each of these girls. However, there are two more characters who are very essential for this story – Dylan’s best friends Luke (Daniel Ings) and Evie (Antonia Thomas). Although first two seasons mainly focus on Dylan’s problems, it also shows changes that his friends are going through. One of the things that definitely kept audience on their toes for about two seasons was incomplete romance between Dylan and Evie. Even though we go shown that they clearly have (or have had) feelings for each other at some point, it is never the right time or place and they constantly end up in relationships with other people. Starting from third season, everything seems to start falling into place. What happens next? I can’t tell you yet, even if I wanted to because I have seen only few episodes of the third season.

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In contrast to Netflix TV series”Insatiable” that I previously reviewed on my blog, I didn’t find any of the characters extremely unappealing which, in a way, is a very good thing. Nothing ruins a good story line as much as annoying antagonist does. However, if I had to pick one character that didn’t make extremely positive impression on me, that is Angus (Joshua McGuire) . He seemed too childish and over-the-top for me. Also (spoiler alert!) the plot twist when it turned out that he knocked up a stripper and decided to raise the kid with after not seeing her for few months seemed kind of ridiculous for me. I understand that some people might see this as an interesting plot twist but, in my opinion, it does not fit into the plot very well. It just doesn’t seem realistic.

I do apologize that this week’s post is a bit shorter than usual but I will definitely be back next week with a longer one. University life is getting busier and I still am not familiar with few things but in general I am very happy here. The highlight of my week is always Prose seminar which leaves me inspired and excited every time. Oh, and Yugen’s Coffee House whenever I need some extra caffeine dose to get through another week. Until next time on Dolls Have Hearts!


Love, Porcelain Doll.

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