“Lovesick” – one of the best TV series to binge watch on Netflix.

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Hello, dear readers! It has been a very busy week and busy semester in general, however, somehow I managed to fit in some Netflix binge watching sessions in between my coursework and that is how I discovered “Lovesick”. I am pretty sure I haven’t watched any British TV series since I discovered “Skins” but, I guess, it is inevitable to live UK and stumble upon their own creations on Netflix.

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The main character of “Lovesick” is Dylan Witter (starring Johnny Flynn) who at the beginning of TV series diagnosed with chlamydia. Yes, you guessed it, the ironic title has everything to do with that. After this diagnosis he attempts to contact all of his previous sexual partners and for about two seasons of “Lovesick” each episode brings us more or less in the past, telling us how Dylan met each of these girls. However, there are two more characters who are very essential for this story – Dylan’s best friends Luke (Daniel Ings) and Evie (Antonia Thomas). Although first two seasons mainly focus on Dylan’s problems, it also shows changes that his friends are going through. One of the things that definitely kept audience on their toes for about two seasons was incomplete romance between Dylan and Evie. Even though we go shown that they clearly have (or have had) feelings for each other at some point, it is never the right time or place and they constantly end up in relationships with other people. Starting from third season, everything seems to start falling into place. What happens next? I can’t tell you yet, even if I wanted to because I have seen only few episodes of the third season.

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In contrast to Netflix TV series”Insatiable” that I previously reviewed on my blog, I didn’t find any of the characters extremely unappealing which, in a way, is a very good thing. Nothing ruins a good story line as much as annoying antagonist does. However, if I had to pick one character that didn’t make extremely positive impression on me, that is Angus (Joshua McGuire) . He seemed too childish and over-the-top for me. Also (spoiler alert!) the plot twist when it turned out that he knocked up a stripper and decided to raise the kid with after not seeing her for few months seemed kind of ridiculous for me. I understand that some people might see this as an interesting plot twist but, in my opinion, it does not fit into the plot very well. It just doesn’t seem realistic.

I do apologize that this week’s post is a bit shorter than usual but I will definitely be back next week with a longer one. University life is getting busier and I still am not familiar with few things but in general I am very happy here. The highlight of my week is always Prose seminar which leaves me inspired and excited every time. Oh, and Yugen’s Coffee House whenever I need some extra caffeine dose to get through another week. Until next time on Dolls Have Hearts!


Love, Porcelain Doll.

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“Younger” – awesome must watch TV series that will make you addicted.

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Hello, dear readers! Are you obsessed with watching TV series? I was not for a while, probably because I haven’t found any that would keep me hooked longer than just for a season or two. You know, how it always starts – first few episodes of first season tend to be mind-blowing. If you’re lucky then the whole first season is pretty awesome. After that, if the show isn’t cancelled yet, things slowly start to die off. Take for an example series, called “No tomorrow”. (Spoiler alert!) The girl falls in love with a perfect guy, who, turns out, believes that the world is going to end very soon. Fast forward a little – they’re dating and living life, like there’s no tomorrow, doing one thing every day that they have always wanted to do. Boom! That’s it, they could have ended these series at first season because the second was a complete torture. Anyways, back to the topic – let’s get to review of “Younger” which was surprisingly exciting to watch.

If you prefer to watch the trailer before you continue reading this post, I’ll insert it here:


I found out these TV series only about 3 weeks ago and during this time period I have finished all 4 seasons that have been aired. That’s how addicting “Younger” actually was. Here’s the short summary of  these series: the main character is Liza Miller – a 40 years old mom, who’s recently separated from her husband David and decided get back to work in publishing industry. However, after such huge break it seems impossible to pick it back where it started cause no one wants to hire her because of her age. Her best friend and roommate Maggie suggests Liza to lie about her age to get hired and surprisingly that works. Soon Liza starts working at Empirical as an 26 years old assistant. From that point this innocent idea turns into a huge web of lies and makes it hard balance her 26-year-old and 40-year-old lives. She falls in love with 26 years old tattoo artist Josh and becomes friends with Empirical editor Kelsey (Hilary Duff, who’s the same age. So, basically this one small, white lie creates seemingly perfect life that can go crashing down any moment, if the truth comes out.


Okay, maybe that was not such a short summary of the TV series but, while not wanting to give everything away, I wanted to give you a small peek into events of “Younger”. Now, as I am going to review the show, following text will contain some spoilers. I’m going to start with something I really enjoyed. I don’t want to sound like a fan girl but the fact that Hilary Duff is casting in this is exciting itself. It’s nice to see that she’s far from awkward Lizzie McGuire character (which I was never a fan of) and doing amazing job in “Younger”. I couldn’t  imagine anyone, who could portray Kelsey Peters better. Kelsey’s jerk boyfriend Thad (Dan Amboyer) on the other hand, who appeared in first 2 seasons of “Younger”, was the most annoying character ever. At first he just appeared as an alcoholic and a manwhore but later on blackmailed Liza about revealing her true identity to everyone, if she tells Kelsey that Thad has been cheating. But thankfully he dies in season 2 and we can continue (almost) happily ever after without him.



Now let’s talk about my favorite male character in “Younger”. No, it was not Josh. Even though he appeared to be very sweet at the beginning, after some time this dude started to seem very immature. Especially after Liza’s boss Charles(Peter Hermann) , who’s in his 40’s, too, starts appearing more and becomes her love interest. What I liked about Liza’s and Charles’ relationships is that it evolved almost painfully slow. After 4 seasons all they shared was just few kisses (instead of sharing the bed) and the chemistry seemed so real, it took my breath away. Honestly, I patiently watched every episode, hoping that they will finally become a couple that hasn’t happened yet… And that’s why it’s so brilliant for the plot – the struggle is so real. Also, maybe it’s just me but I feel like Liza is way more compatible with Charles than she is with Josh. And no, not just because of the age differences.


Anyways, enough spoilers; I think it’s time for you to get the full taste of “Younger” and start watching it. No other TV series of the same genre I’ve seen are as good. Also, do you know what’s the best thing? You can probably watch this with your mum or older sister and you both will be entertained. No more dying from boredom while your mum watches cheesy romantic dramas. Now you can offer her some quality content!

Until next time on dollshavehearts.com when I’ll have some new and exciting content prepared for you!

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